Mari Teising shared the world of Art with Elementary School students for 28 years. She recently retired from teaching Art and is living with her husband in Tyler. Mari creates customized watercolor paintings using letters and monograms as well as her unique version of the Blue Willow plate. She teaches Private Art lessons at her home.


Born February 18,1987, Colbe JAM an upstart artist name used by Jacoby A Mckenzie. ColBé is an American painter and artist: he is known for his work with great story telling in multiple mediums. He is a fine artist/ film enthusiast/ media arts and animator.

"I love the look and feel of acrylic and charcoal on a black canvas. Painting and drawing on vintage style book paper, gives painting a whole new experience. I find it interesting how the paper the printed words already have a life of their own. Then, my story is added and some how they fuse and create a connected meaning. Yes, there are things that I see but I thoroughly enjoy when others see things differently than I."


“I came to the art world rather late in life. My mom was a professional painter and had quite a different style. After observing her delight in painting, I decided to give it a try. Nature and all of God’s gifts fascinate me. I especially love the beauty of and attitude of flowers.”


My art is focused on the beauty of nature. I use the Impasto Style technique to convey my passion for color and texture. My art invites the collector and/or viewer to experience art on so many levels. I call it: Art of the Senses. You can feel the texture, see the image and immerse yourself in the work.

The artwork is usually multi-dimensional. I love layering and detail. I do not use just color to draw the viewer in. I use tactile senses. You will see some of the paints that I use are almost like icing on a cake.


I create fine art paintings using acrylic, mixed media and watercolors. I paint landscapes, flowers, still life and animals. I am a self taught artist. I use my imagination to create flowers and foliage not always found in nature. My paintings are bright, happy and exciting to the eye. Each painting is unique into itself, a true one of a kind original! I love to use contrasting colors. I think they are the most pleasing when used together. It is my goal to make the viewer smile when looking at my paintings. My style is Big, Bold, Bright and a little bit of Crazy - just the way I like it.


I have always been an admirer of the artwork of the greatest Creator and being able to make a replica of those wonderful works is a privilege. I could say that I taught myself, but I believe that God has put that talent in me and is still developing it. There are always new aspects to learn.

According to philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “When the eye sees something beautiful, the hand wants to draw it.” “ We make art because we are made in the image of the divine Creator and in the act of creating art we are somehow connecting with the Divine,” from the book Marvelous to Behold by Jennifer Courtney and Courtney Sanford.

Martha Angelica was born and raised in Zacatecas, Mexico and now resides in the wonderful town of Lindale, TX where she has lived for 14 years with her husband and 2 precious boys.


My interest in art began in an eighth-grade art class. My first medium was soft pastels, I have since added acrylics and oils to my work. I am drawn to and influenced by impressionist artists; Renoir, VanGogh, Matisse and am particularly drawn to the bold style and colors of Tarkay. My art is all about bright expressive colors which I try to bring to all my art regardless of the subject matter, still life, landscape or portrait. I am a member of the Palette Of Roses Art League in Tyler, Texas and enjoy the friendships and opportunity to learn from my fellow artist in the league. My goal is to be able to share my style of bright colors with others who love art.


Paula believes in letting the subject and the feel of the painting dictate the style that she uses on any work ranging from realism to impressionism to abstracts. She enjoys trying to recreate the mood and emotions she felt as she looks at her subject. She loves color and tries to let that shine through in her paintings. She captures the play of light and shadow. Paula was born and raised in the small West Texas town of Slaton and now resides in the beautiful green of Grand Saline, Texas.


Deborah became an artist late in life. She has a background in drafting and healthcare, but found her love of painting in 2009 after a close artist friend taught her how to paint. It was in the act of creating art where she discovered the painting was deeply healing and freeing. She often says that God used art to heal her from the inside out from trauma and desolation of her past. Once she starting creating she was hooked. Deborah now paints to share her experience of God as the one who delivered her from a life of misery. She enjoys teaching others and passing on what was so freely given to her. She remains grateful and blessed to practice as an artist in Tyler, Texas and to be surrounded by her loving family.


Creating is simply a part of me and painting is my way to fulfill it. I enjoy painting flowers, portraits of people and landscapes that catch my interest. Photographs are my source for paintings, and I always have my camera available. I have been fortunate to win some awards and have commissioned paintings in Dallas and Fort Worth. To me, art is an excellent way to express your feelings and I consider it a privilege to share with others.

I began art instruction in a community college in Dallas in the eighties and later received my Associates Degree in Art & Sciences. I have also taken classes from accomplished artists: Dr. Zhohar in Dallas, Kim Hill and others.


An elective in high school art class piqued my interests in visual arts and encouraged me to choose art as a minor at the University of Missouri. My first 101 in drawing was taught by a very “unique” beatnik. She wore black leotards and tights and walked around with a lit cigarette in one of those long cigarette holders. Soon, marriage and a National Defense Act Loan brought me to the real world and forced me to have a double major and art was not one of them. Art did not get back into my agenda until I retired in 2002.

Life, travel, and successful contemporary artists have influenced my work. I served on the boards of The Brush and Palette, Colorado as Presiden, Arizona Artist Guild, (where I hold a juried statue), The Arizona Watercolor Association (where I hold a Silver Signature status) and former President just to mention a few. I maintain these memberships and locally belong to the Palette of Roses Art League, and Secretary for the Mineola League of Arts.

I have many awards and ribbons, but I am most proud of having had two ornaments at the White House Christmas trees. The 1st in 2002 and was the guest for lunch and unveiling of the Christmas tree in the Blue Room by the First Lady, Laura Bush. The 2nd in 2009 but not invited by First Lady Michelle Obama. The first ornament was displayed again in 2014 at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas and has been permanently archived there.

My media are oils, watercolors, acrylics, and alcohol inks. I love color and continue with my passion by experimenting in new materials and techniques. I hope for everyone to have an original work and to interpret and enjoy it as they are so moved. Art should be reacted by evoking a memory or imagination or the viewer and being the viewer fascination and joy…

Peggy Cook

Peggy began her formal study of art over 40 years ago when she entered the University of Kansas. She earned a B.F.A. at Wichita State University in 1981. She continues her studies under the tutelage of excellent local artists, and was awarded a scholarship to study under Master Pastelist Ramon Kelley of Denver, Colorado.

"Of all the things that have to be considered in painting, the most intriguing is color. Finding the "color solutions" is how one instructor phrased it. I use this notion as I paint. Some problems I face are: How can I enliven a predominately green landscape? Or, what color would accentuate the color I just painted? Color is very inter-relational; as one color is added to the painting, the dynamics of the paintings can change. It seems there are infinite possibilities for the artist who paints with color. Those possibilities make the process of painting exciting, and each new painting a chance to explore new territory."

Heather Burris

Heather's paintings represent her love and passion for western culture , rodeo ,  horses and the various landscapes. She is inspired by her experiences living the ranch life in East Texas.  Every painting represents a moment in time and a lived experience. The spirit of the land and the pride of the rancher  and farmer are combined to create scenic landscapes that she feels are what define the true cowboy heritage. Heather has painted since she was a young girl and was self taught giving all the glory to God for the gift and other inspiring artists that helped her along her journey.

Aline L. Heiser

Aline L. Heiser began illustrating children's books in 1997 with the goal of assisting teachers and caregivers in educating children in a multicultural society within an ever-shrinking world.  Her artwork, both secular and faith-based, has been for a variety of publishers; Summit Ministries, Cook Communications, Purposeful Design Publications, and Creative Communicating, to name a few.  A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the College of Wooster.  Aline and her family now live south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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carl nelson

Painting has always been something I've loved doing. As a creative person it's one of many outlets of self expression. I haven't painted for years but recently after painting each family member a painting for Christmas this year my passion was rekindled and I haven't stopped. Ive been driven to paint whenever I have have time. Waking up at 530 am and painting until 8 pm on a day off, or an hour or 4 after work. Discipline that I didn't devote to painting when I was younger.  I'm mostly self taught and love exploring new techniques and mediums. Watercolors were my first love but have been using acrylics and inks lately. To be honest I'm a Sunday painter that paints every day with a renewed love of painting to express and challange myself.