We are Custom Framing Professionals

When it comes to specialty framing, we understand the need to pay close attention to details. We are passionate about framing, so whether it's a simple project or a cherished family heirloom, we will apply the same craftsmanship– no matter what.

What Should You Do With Special Items?

Don't keep moments, family photos, and family heirlooms in old boxes or in the attic collecting dust where they can get damaged. Instead, ask the professional framers at Tricia's Rose City Framing how you can creatively display and preserve your pieces.

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What Can Our Frame Shop in Tyler, TX Do?

  • Frame it

    It is easy for photos, letters, certificates, recipe cards, and other paper-based items to become damaged over time, but they are often the ones we cherish most. Our custom framing services in Tyler, TX can help to preserve these items and enable you to display them around your home.

  • Create A Shadow Box

    Put similar things together, for example, a collection that family members have been adding to over the years. Or create a family heirloom shadow box that only holds items from a particular family member, such as your grandfather's antique fishing lures. We can help you determine the best way to display your keepsakes.

  • Preserve Clothing

    It is a great idea to pass down clothes, especially a wedding dress or christening gown, but if they are not adequately cared for, they can quickly become stained, or weakened from sun damage. Our professionals can help you frame special items in acid-free matting under UV-protective glass.


    It is good to use a professional frame shop to frame your family's unique items, such as Tricia's Rose City Framing in Tyler, TX. Acid-free mats or UV-protective glass are essential to prevent sun damage or keep moisture out. Even if you frame your items, they could still end up damaged.

We Can Help

Let us help you keep your items in good condition for future generations. Contact us to learn more.

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